Catharine Pierce: Topless Gardener Photos?

Catherine Pierce, 52, was just out gardening in her front yard this week, but she caused quite a stir in her Boulder, Colorado neighborhood. At least four people called the local police because Pierce was tending to her garden topless, in a bright yellow thong and pink gloves.

I wonder if one of the neighbors took a photo of Catharine Pierce.

Neighbors are furious. But there is only one problem - itís legal. Yes, in Boulder the state and local law allows Catharine Pierce to garden without her top.

However, police have found that Pierce is not breaking any laws, as one is not allowed to expose their genitals in public, but with Pierce wearing a thong and gardening gloves, she is not exposing her genitals.

The authorities said that the people resides in the Boulder Housing community should cover up there selves before coming outside of their homes.

Did anyone take photos of Catharine Pierce the topless gardener?

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Looking for the photos too.

Several people called Boulder police on Wednesday afternoon after they spotted Catharine Pierce in just a thong and gloves, but police who went to her house and asked to to consider putting on a shirt because of children playing at a nearby school were later forced to admit she was breaking no laws.

An officer went to her house, and suggested she put on a shirt because there's a school right across the street from her house -- but she wasn't breaking any laws. So, Pierce's husband Robert called the police himself to complain about the unsolicited suggestion. The police supervisor agreed, and back outside Catharine went without her shirt. No photos of Catharine Pierce topless yet.

Video of Catharine Pierce the topless gardener:

I wish there were photos.

In fact, the police refuse to arrest her since her trimming attire is completely legal. But now neighbors are forcing a City Council meeting over Catharine Pierceís clothing choices. Some want Pierce to cover up, Pierce says she wonít.

Catharineís husband of Robert Pierce is not happy with the announcement made by the Boulder Housing Authorities said, his wife has done nothing wrong and she should be allowed to take care of her garden as she likes.

Pierce's husband then complained that his wife was being harassed unnecessarily as she was not breaking any laws. He says that he will fight any ruling that will force his wife to have to cover up.

City spokesman Patrick von Keyserling said the housing authority is a separate entity and that the city can't dictate the agency's rules.

Judd Golden, chairman of the Boulder County chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, said neighborhoods are generally able to make their own rules for residents to follow. But he said the ACLU does not support limits that are more restrictive than the law.

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Where are the pictures

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