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Leicester Bryce Stovell claims that Lebron James and his mother, Gloria, tampered with DNA test results that would have proven he was the his father, according to documents uncovered by TMZ.
It is a seedy, sad, and an explosive allegation.
Now Leicester Brynce Stovell, a lawyer, is suing Lebron James for $4 million from both James and his mother for fraud, defamation and misrepresentation.

Does it mean that this guy is Lebron James's dad?
Where can I see a photo of Leicester Bryce Stovell?

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Well, according to some legal documents Leicester Bryce Stovell, 55, met Lebron's mother Gloria James in a Washington D.C area bar in 1984. They got in bed, he was 29, she was 15. Bryce Stovell says she returned a few months later from her Ohio home to inform she was pregnant with a boy named Lebron - though she never identified the father.

Here's a photo of Leicester Bryce Stovell.

Leicester Bryce Stovell

DNA testing is currently the gold standard to determine a parent. It is correct 99 percent of the time, but Stovell says that's not good enough.
Stovell says he vividly remembers telling her, "Well, if he's mine, make sure he plays basketball."

The documents further reveal that Gloria James allegedly threatened Stovell and even declined to recognize him. The sensational revelation came as LeBron James, a freelancer basketball player, gears up for a televised announced to disclose which NBA team he would join next month.

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