Earthquake Canada Today: Ottawa & Ontario?

A big earthquake struck at the Ontario-Quebec border region of Canada today Wednesday June 23, 2010, and homes and businesses were shaken from Canada's capital in Ottawa on south to an arc of U.S. states. Ontario also felt the earthquake.

It was the largest earthquake to hit that area of Canada in 20 years.
What was the damage produced by the Canada tornado? Is people OK?

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The 5.0 magnitude quake struck along the Ontario-Quebec border region around 1:41 PM EST, at a depth of approximately 12 miles (19.2). Tremors lasted about 30 seconds, shaking homes and businesses, but there are no reports of injuries or damages. A number of businesses in the Ottawa area were also evacuated.

There were early reports of structural damage to some buildings in Gatineau, and to three schools but no reports of injuries. The tremors, which lasted about 30 seconds, rattled buildings in Ottawa and Toronto, as well as government offices across the Ottawa River in Gatineau, Quebec.

The quake's magnitude was initially pegged at 5.5 by the U.S. Geological Service, which later downgraded it to 5.0.

The Globe and Mail is reporting on its mobile site that there are numerous reports of "unusual ground shaking in various parts of Ontario," as well as Buffalo, N.Y.

The quake was also felt by some as far away as Boston, Cleveland and Chicago.

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