Cindy Pacheco??

Who is Cindy Pacheco and why is she famous and so popular right now?
I've noticed many celebrity TV shows talking about her.

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Cindy Pacheco also known as Cynthia Pacheco is a native of Rota, Spain, with natural blonde hair and electric blue eyes. She moved to Texas while in her early years, had a insatiable desire for knowledge. She got an early education being involved in business and obtaining Bachelors degree in Business administration.

Her passion was to perform, and decided that this is where she needed to be. Cindy Pacheco became a top fitness model, being interested in nutrition and health, and from there bridged the gap into acting and performing arts.

Cindy Pachecho has concentrated on independent films, and was the lead in the recent indie film "Worth Killing for". Cindy enjoys drama but leans towards comedy.

This is a picture of her:

answered by Cindy fan | 08-08-2009 at 08:02 PM

Cindy Merrill
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Who is Cindy Pacheco and why is she famous?
She's an actress and I've seen her host a show on the Travel Channel. She also goes by the name Cindy Merrill.

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