Raw Food Diet Weight Loss: Before And After?

How much weight could i loose with a strict raw food diet in a week? I was recommended the raw food diet for weight loss.
Are there before and after pictures of someone who followed the raw food diet?

I was just wondering if anyone has done a raw food diet? like raw fruits and veggies. I want to know the food choices I have and tell me if they work.

Has anyone ever tried a diet like this before? What should I expect? Are there any good sites that have raw food recipes?
How does the raw food diet affect someone physically, emotionally and socially?

asked by Citizen in Diet & Fitness | 4749 views | 05-07-2010 at 01:21 AM

Raw Food Diet for weight loss?
It's still going to depend on how many calories you consume. When eating whole and raw foods it's harder to eat too many calories, but you have foods like nuts, seeds, and dried fruit and other things on there which are still very high calorie and need to be enjoyed in moderation.

A raw food diet means consuming food in its natural, unprocessed form. There are several common-sense rationales for why this is a good idea. Processing and cooking food can take so much of the basic nutritional value away. Think of some of the conventional wisdom youíve heard about for years, such as: If you cook pasta just to the al dente (or medium) stage, it will have more calories, yes, but it will have more the nutritional value in it than if you cooked it to a well-done stage. Or you probably remember hearing not to peel carrots or potatoes too deeply, because most of the nutrients and values are just under the surface.

Eating raw foods is a boost to your metabolism as well. It takes a little more energy to digest raw foods, but itís a healthy process. Rather than spending energy to rid itself of toxins produced by cooking food, the body uses its energy to feed every cell, sending vitamins, fluids, enzymes and oxygen to make your body the efficient machine it was intended to be.

Eating raw food is more about health and lifestyle than it is about weight loss. That being said, I ate raw for a week (I wish I could have gone longer!) because I was feeling sluggish, heavy, and well, gross. I lost about two pounds, but the best part was that my salt, sugar, and soda cravings all but disappeared.

After a few weeks your hunger will subside and you will want to eat less. It's important to listen to your cravings. That is the most accurate guide to what you need at the moment. People who eat a standard cooked diet cannot do that because all the artificial ingredients affect your hunger signals. But when you eat raw, you can actually trust it, and it will be the best indicator of your needs.

answered by Ryan | 05-07-2010 at 01:25 AM

I'm late to the game, but good is the answer to all your questions. I lost 60 lbs, and shaved 10 strokes off my golf score. I also started school 3 weeks after starting the raw lifestyle, i was a D student in highschool, but after two semesters i have a 4.0. It really gave me a new lease on life.

answered by Guest | 11-12-2010 at 12:02 PM

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