Infidelity: Matt Lauer Affair & Cheating Scandal?

Heard about Matt Lauer's cheating scandal.

Today Show host Matt Lauer has left his wife, model Annette Roque, after 12 years of marriage, some say because of infidelity accusations.
The cover of the May 24 issue of the Enquirer states that a "new cheating scandal" threatens to end Matt Lauer's marriage with Annette for good.

The rumors say Matt Lauer had an affair with Meredith Vieira.

Matt Lauer's wife Annette accused him of cheating with at least two women in Vancouver, and after a fight that dragged on for two days, Lauer left the family home and has been staying elsewhere. That's what happens to you when you have an affair.

Is the girl really Meredith Vieira?

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Scandals have always been the part of celebrities' lives.
This isn't the first time Matt Lauer is in trouble with his wife. During Roque's pregnancy with the couple's third child in 2006, she and Lauer separated. Roque filed for divorce in Manhattan, but they later reconciled.

But infidelity is another thing, she won't let this one pass so easily.

Matt always covers the scandals and this time the scandal is his own life.
Mister Lauer reportedly has split up from his wife, Annette Rogue, 39, after 12 years of marriage amid reports that Lauer cheated on his wife at this year’s Olympics. According to several reports, Rogue says that Lauer cheated on her with two women during the “Today Show’s” coverage of the Games in Vancouver in February. Lauer has moved out of the family home but has denied cheating or having an affair with anyone.

Lauer reportedly was a party animal in Vancouver, including standing up his wife on Valentine’s Day and even staying behind after the rest of the “Today Show” staff had left.

Suspicions were first sparked when Matt stood Annette up for Valentine's Day, choosing instead to stay in Vancouver, where a source says Matt was often spotted boozing and flirting with women - in particular two pretty Canadian broadcasters.

Matt's wife also said that it was not shocking for her but its very sad. Last week the rumors about his affair were circulating but no one was sure about it, now it seems they were true.

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