PHOTOS: Annette Edwards Before And After Pics?

Annette Edwards is a 57-year-old great-grandmother from England who spent roughly $16,000 to look like Jessica Rabbit from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

Annette Edwards went on a strict diet to mimic Jessica Rabbit’s figure, but it didn’t end there. She had tons to plastic surgeries. So many of them.
Are there before and after photos of Annette Edwards' plastic surgeries?
I would like to see how she looked like before the surgeries and how she looks now.
In your opinion, does Annette Edwards looks like Jessica Rabbit at all? Please post before and after pictures.

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Annette Edwards spent over $16,000 on plastic surgery, and to be honest if that's what makes her happy you can’t really argue with it. However the 57 year old was reportedly contacted by Playboy to do a photo spread.

Annette Edwards said the idea came from her infatuation with the fictional starlet from the 1988 comedy. "I'd always been fascinated with the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit," she told the ITV program "This Morning." "I thought she was stunning, and for years I longed to look like my idol."

Before and after photos of Annette Edwards.
Before picture:

Annette Edwards Jessica Rabbit


Annette Edwards Jessica Rabbit

The sixteen grand Edwards spent went for cheek implants, chin implants and a breast lift. Her "Jessica diet" consisted of salads, cereals and other low cal healthy grazing, just like rabbits. The 57-year-old woman claims she lost quite a bit of weight within just three months time.

"I did go on a three-month diet eating a little like the rabbits: salads, get the figure right. I lost three stone in three months."

The Annette Edwards Jessica Rabbit makeover can be seen in the YouTube video below.
Video of Annette Edwards' Jessica Rabbit look.

Annette Edwards has gone to extreme lengths to look like Jessica, what do you think? Does she look like Jessica? I have to say NO.

answered by Inter | 04-29-2010 at 08:42 PM

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