Is There a Russian Meteor Crater?

I've been seeing a lot of images and videos about the Russian meteor that fell last week, but searching in the web I've only found some pictures of a crater of something "Tunguska". While checking the videos I hear a loud "boom like" sound, but I can't get to see the crash or the meteor crater. The Russian news sites say that there are over 1200 people injured. Did the meteor destroyed a Russian town? A building? Is the Russian government trying to hide the meteor crater?

asked by Edward in Internet | 22854 views | 02-19-2013 at 12:17 PM

The meteor never impacted on earth, that's why you can't find any pictures of a crater. There are two existing theories. The first one is that the meteor actually disintegrated while passing through the stratosphere. The second theory is that it was intercepted by an air defense system but there hasn't been any official statements from the Russian government.
The loud "boom like" sound you hear is the meteor exploding or being disintegrated. Witnesses said the explosion was so loud that it seemed like an earthquake and thunder had struck at the same time, and that there were huge trails of smoke across the sky. Others reported seeing burning objects fall to earth, but we cannot call it a crater, they are just pieces.
No, it didn't destroyed any town or city in Russia, but fragments damaged over 3000 buildings.

The crater's images you found are from an incident called "Tunguska" is another meteor that fell and exploded in Russia in 1908. Although the meteoroid or comet appears to have burst in the air rather than hitting the surface, this event still is referred to as an impact. Estimates of the energy of the blast range from 5 to as high as 30 megatons of TNT.

answered by Autumn | 02-19-2013 at 12:23 PM

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