Are those pizza hut commercials real?

I'm a pizza hut ad fan. I like their commercials, I find them very creative.
But the last one I saw was a little weird and made me wonder wether it was actually real.
What do you think? Are those commercials real or fake?

asked by Mac in Television | 3659 views | 07-11-2009 at 09:36 PM

What do you mean with real? I'm not sure which Pizza Hut commercial you're talking about, maybe I didn't watch it yet.

answered by Addox | 07-11-2009 at 09:37 PM

Yes those are real, I mean they exist. Just kidding, I really don't know what you're talking about.

answered by Amix | 07-11-2009 at 09:39 PM

Which Pizza Hut commercial are you actually talking about? Is it the latest one?
If that's the case, I'm afraid I didn't watch it either.

answered by Macarena | 07-11-2009 at 09:41 PM

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