American Airlines Crash 2009?

Today, december 23 2009 an American Airlines plane has overshot the runway on landing in the Jamaican capital Kingston.

According to preliminary reports, the Boeing 737 plane failed to stop upon landing and ran through the airport’s perimeter fencing. The aircraft’s ongoing momentum then carried it into an embankment, which led to the jet breaking into several pieces before eventually coming to a halt on a nearby beach.

2009 is the year of death.

It was a big crash. American Airlines has had many crashes before. Were there any injuries? Are the passengers of the American Airlines flight who were on the crash ok?

asked by Ruppert in Aircraft | 2839 views | 12-23-2009 at 04:51 PM

You're right 2009 has been a difficul year to stay alive.
In this American Airlines crash nothing major happened though.

More than 40 people were injured when the American Airlines flight carrying 154 people skidded across the runway in heavy rain.

Panicked passengers screamed and baggage burst from overhead bins as Flight 331 from Miami careened down the runway in the capital, Kingston.

Two of the passengers aboard a Jamaica-bound American Airlines flight that overshot the runway in Kingston on Tuesday said normal turbulence began about 30 minutes before landing.

As the plane neared Norman Manley International Airport, Gary Mouttet, 45, a Coral Gables businessman traveling to Jamaica for a quick trip, was in the bathroom when a crew member pounded on the door, ordering him to return to his seat.

Mouttet said he sensed the plane was landing too high.

answered by Penny | 12-23-2009 at 04:54 PM

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