Dixie Carter Cause Of Death: How Did Dixie Carter Die?

Actress Dixie Carter - best known for her role as Southerner Julia Sugarbaker on Designing Women - passed away Saturday morning. She was 70.

For some reason her cause of death was not disclosed. I would like to know how did Dixie Carter die? Was she going through a terminal disease?

"This has been a terrible blow to our family," her husband, actor Hal Holbrook, said in a statement.

Dixie Carter's portrayal of Sugarbaker was perhaps best known for her heightened, indignant monologues offered at the expense of the other characters.

I used to like her very much. Any news on the cause of death? Why would they hide such important information from the public? How did Dixie die?

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Actress Dixie Carter was just 70 years old before she reportedly died on April 10, 2010 and no details were given on the cause of death.

Carter had a long career as a star on stage and on television and was known for playing feisty characters with Southern charm. “The amount of good we can do with a glad heart and a smile is incalculable, and the good of it goes out to others and stays with us at the same time,” Carter wrote in her memoir “Trying to Get to Heaven: Opinions of a Tennessee Talker.”

Many are still wondering and spreading rumors about cancer as the cause.

Dixie Carter’s family has not chosen to release how Dixie Carter died. They have decided to keep Dixie Carter cause of death private for now.

In 2007, Carter received an Emmy nomination for a stint as the devious mother-in-law of Marcia Cross' character, Bree Hodge, on "Desperate Housewives."

Dixie Carter dead

As a biography, Dixie Virginia Carter was born in McLemoresville, Tennesse on May 25, 1939 so her age is 70. As a child, she had dreams of becoming an opera singer, however, a tonsillectomy ended her hopes of ever pursuing a singing career. She continued to sing and play the piano, trumpet, and harmonica.
Carter and Holbrook met while filming the CBS-TV movie, "The Killing of Randy Webster."
Carter was born in 1939 in McLemoresville, Tennessee. In addition to her role as feisty Julia Sugarbaker, she's been on other television series including "Family Law" and "Different Strokes."

In addition to her husband, Dixie Carter is survived by two daughters from a previous marriage.

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