Leo Frank Lynching Location?

Leo Frank was accused of murdering a little girl at his factory.
He was convicted and sent to jail but people took matters into their hands and he was lynched.
History tells a group of 25 men, stormed the prison hospital where Leo Frank was recovering from having his throat slashed by a fellow inmate. They kidnaped Frank and hanged him from a tree. Frank conducted himself with dignity, calmly proclaiming his innocence. Townsfolk were proudly photographed beneath Frank's swinging corpse, pictures still valued today by their descendants.
Where was he lynched, what is the location?

asked by German in Controversy | 4151 views | 11-02-2009 at 02:18 PM

Lynching mob consisted of leading citizens in the community, men prominent in business and social circles, and even in churches.

A caravan of eight vehicles bearing 25 armed men from the Atlanta area arrived at the Georgia State Prison at Milledgeville around 10 p.m. and drove him to the lynching location.
It was more than 100 miles to Mary Phagan's hometown of Marietta, Georgia.

answered by Felix | 11-02-2009 at 02:22 PM

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