Halley's Comet Size?

I'm attempting to complete my science homework, but I was absent for the lesson. Tell me.
I need some interesting and not too in depth facts about Halley's comet. Most important, I'd like to know the size of Halley's Comet, I think is pretty big.
I wish that whenever the Halley's comet comes back I'm alive, its still like 50 years away.

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Halley's comet has a D2pv value of 5.900.33 km2, where D km is the diameter of the nucleus and pv is the geometric albedo. The mass of the nucleus is 7.51015ρpv-1.5g, where ρ is the density. Reasonable assumptions yield diameter and mass values of 9.4 km and 2.21017g. In the 1910 apparition the comet lost a mass of 2.81014g which is equivalent to an absolute magnitude change of 910-4 per apparition. The mass of the meteor stream, produced by the decay of P/Halley, is consistent with the statement that the comet has had 2300 previous close passages of the Sun.

Not too easy to understand, huh?

Halley's Comet has a tail when it gets relatively close in orbit to the sun. A popular misconception is that the tail is travelling in the direction opposite to its direction of travel. Infact the tail is always pointing away from the sun. This is because the solar wind is "blowing" the fine ice particles away from the surface of the comet. This is highly reflective so we can see it easily from a distance.

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