Cheap Snow Blowers On Sale?

I need to buy a cheap snow blower because I have a 6 car drive way and it takes me about 3 and a half hours to shovel. I need some thing that is easy to use and quick.
I live in Kansas City which gets about 20 inches of snow a year avg snow fall is about 4-8 inchs at a time.
Where can I find cheap snow blowers on sale online? They're still full price. I'm looking to get one half off?
What's the best snow blower to buy for this weather?

asked by Kimberly in Garden & Landscape | 4150 views | 12-28-2010 at 05:59 AM

There are several good snow blowers on the market.
If you are looking for something that lasts year after year of heavy use then you are going to have spend some money. I like John Deere snow blowers personally... very expensive but work.
Lowes and Home Depot usually sell them.

If you buy a cheap one, it won't last for long.

Pay the money for a good snow blower and if you're not handy with mechanics get one with a maintenance contract.
Every 5 or 6 years, sell your old blower for about $350 and buy a new one. You will end up with very little maintenance on the snow blower.

answered by Vincent | 12-28-2010 at 06:01 AM

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