eMachines 15.6 Laptop Review?

I', looking for reviews of the eMachines 15.6 Laptop. I've never heard of eMachines products before.
Is the eMachines eME627 15.6 laptop computer offered on Black Friday at Walmart a good deal?
I will mainly use the laptop for watching movies and checking my facebook profile and twitter page. No games or anything like that. I own a very old laptop and I was waiting for Black Friday to buy a new one and replace it.
Is the eMachines laptop a good computer? Will I be able to use it for many years? Walmart is selling it for $198.
Any reviews?

asked by Zoey in Hardware | 4418 views | 11-26-2010 at 05:16 AM

A very good deal Indeed. My sister has that laptop and it's a good computer.

These are the details of the eMachines 15.6 Laptop.

2GB memory
250GB hard drive
15.6" diagonal HD display
Intel Celeron processor, 2.2 GHz
Wireless enabled

This laptop would be good for the usual web crawling, light gaming, and for school.
Keep in mind that If you use this laptop for high-end software, it will very slow, but for browsing the web is perfect.
Considering the price you're paying for this machine I say go for it, it's definitely worth it.

You can read reviews of this laptop on Amazon.

answered by Mackenzie | 11-26-2010 at 05:17 AM

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