Palmdale Fire: Crown Fire Pictures?

Some 2,000 homes have been evacuated as a result of the 'Crown Fire' that is burning out of control west of Palmdale in northern Los Angeles County.
The Crown fire was threatening at least 1,500 homes in Leona Valley on last night, according to the Fire Department.
Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in the Leona Valley area from Spunky Canyon Road to Elizabeth Lake Road, and north and south of Bouquet Canyon Road.
Are there pictures or a video of the Crown Fire in Palmdale LA?

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More than 500 firefighters worked through the night to bring the fire to about 5% containment Friday morning, when many evacuees were allowed to return to their homes.

Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Edward Osorio said reduced temperatures and increased humidity overnight “helped to make the progress in containment possible.”
Several structures have been lost, officials said, but they would not be able to determine whether those were homes or outbuildings on the many ranches in the area until Friday.

Pictures of the Crown Fire in Palmdale.

Crown Fire LA

Crown Fire Palmdale

Crown Fire Palmdale LA

Firefighters also planned on Friday to get a better look at the extent of the damage to structures. Some power-distribution poles also have been destroyed.

The Red Cross is asking people to come to evacuation centers even if they're not planning to spend the night so that they can get everyone registered. It's just an extra check for officials to make sure that people got out of their homes.

Here's a good video of the Crown fire in Palmdale, Los Angeles.

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