Wildfires: Kern County CA Fire Pics?

Firefighters are attacking a vegetation fire in Kern County, California that has burned several structures and forced some evacuations.
Where can I find pictures of the wildfires in Kern County CA?

Kern County Fire Department spokesman Sean Collins says the fire started Monday afternoon in Bull Run Creek, about three miles north of Kernville. It had spread to just over 3 square miles—or 2,000 acres—by Monday evening.

The Governor has declared a state of emergency in Kern County. The wildfire in the Sequoia National Forest northeast of Bakersfield is growing by the hour.

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The wildfire in Kern County has now charred 7–thousand acres. The huge blaze in the Sequoia National Forest has been called "The Bull Fire".

These are some of the pictures from the fire.

Sacramento-area firefighters are headed to Kern County to help fight one of several blazes that have exploded in size and already burned several homes.
The cause of the blaze, which began Monday, is under investigation, according to the Kern County Fire Department.

Driven by winds, the fire burned 30 homes and was threatening 150 structures about 10 miles southeast of Tehachapi. As of Wednesday morning, the fire had burned more than 1,300 acres.
A shelter has been set up for evacuated residents at a former junior high school in Tehachapi.

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