Mark Potok: Jewish?

Who is Mark Potok, is he jewish?

asked by Amelie in Politics | 8202 views | 08-14-2009 at 06:52 PM

Mark Potok is a self-proclaimed civil rights expert and director of publications and information for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in Montgomery, Alabama, a nonprofit organization that agitates and foments aggression for the radical left wing.

He is the editor of quarterly investigative journal Intelligence Report. According to Huffington Post Potok "leads one of the left-wing's operations monitoring conservatives". He has testified before the United States Senate, the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights and in other venues. Previously he spent almost 20 years as reporter at several newspapers including USA Today the Dallas Times Herald and the Miami Herald but was fired each time for his extreme views.

Potok is regularly quoted by the left leaning major media. The Intelligence Report he edits recently received the 2007 Investigative Award part of the UTNE Independent Press Awards.

In 1974-1978 he studied at University of Chicago.

answered by Jackson | 08-14-2009 at 06:53 PM

I don't know if he is jewish.

As director of the Southern Poverty Law Centerís Intelligence Project and editor of its award-winning, quarterly investigative journal Intelligence Report, Mark Potok leads one of the most highly regarded operations monitoring the extreme right in the world today. In addition to editing the magazine and the Hatewatch blog, Potok acts as a key spokesman for the SPLC, a well-known civil rights organization based in Alabama, and has testified before the Senate, the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights and in other venues. Before coming to the SPLC in 1997, Potok spent almost 20 years as an award-winning reporter at newspapers including USA Today, the Dallas Times Herald and The Miami Herald. While at USA Today, he covered the 1993 siege in Waco, the rise of militias, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and the trial of Timothy McVeigh. In 1996, his editors nominated him for a Pulitzer Prize for a package of stories on racism in Texas public housing. In his current position, Potok is regularly quoted by major media, scholars and book authors in both the United States and abroad.

answered by Brandon | 08-14-2009 at 06:54 PM

Potok is Zionist jew. Southern Poverty law Center founded funded and run by Zionist Jews. Just like they did The NAACP.

answered by Samantha | 08-14-2009 at 06:55 PM

Samantha, what is a Zionist Jew?
Originally Posted by Samantha View Post
Potok is Zionist jew. Southern Poverty law Center founded funded and run by Zionist Jews. Just like they did The NAACP.
Samantha, what is a Zionist Jew?

answered by Guest | 09-08-2009 at 02:04 AM

Re: I don't know if he's Jewish
Potok is a interesting looking little man. Kind of like a mythical troll that fell out of the ugly tree. The only thing missing to complete the look is a set of curly horns. I don't know if he's Jewish but he certainly is an agent for dissemination of misinformation regarding the parasitic Jewish crime machine, that's for sure. It's interesting that he only studied at the University of Chicago for three years and was fired from three newspapers yet still appears regularly on MSNBC despite his less than telegenic looks. I've never seen anyone that looks even remotely similar to him. I would like to know about his parents and his geneaology. Apparently he's a Chicago radical like President Obama with far left tendencies yet he disguises himself as being from the South to edify his credentials as a civil rights expert. I will have to do some more checking.

"I WILL be back with the law, the law..." -- Matthew McConaughey from "Larger Than Life"

answered by Snowball | 09-18-2009 at 03:29 AM

Then he shouldn't be permitted to speak.

answered by Guest | 04-04-2010 at 04:05 PM

You are right on the money about Mark Potok and the SPLC......To the idiot asking what a zionist jew word "scumbag".....that is the perfect answer to your stupid question.

answered by Guest | 03-26-2011 at 03:35 PM

He has to be Jewish. If not, he's an atheist Marxist. He loves talking about extremism on the far-right but what about the far-left? There are more people who are violent on the left than the right. He's a modern-day bolshevik plain and simple. I bet he's watching this site right now. He says that people like me are fear mongers, when in reality he is. He brainwashes the American sheeple into thinking that there's all these Tim Mcveigh's around the way. When I say people like me, I mean white conservative. I'm not in anyway racist but that's all worms like him need. Most of the Russian Revolution in 1917 was primarily directed by Jews.

He's a sick, twisted man. You can see it in his eyes. He's one ugly man, inside and out. Beware of worms like him. He is the devil's son! Watch out for double standards and political correctness against innocent white people. If you are tired of failed multiculturalism and homosexuality and drug use, ALL WHITE EUROPEANS are welcomed to come up to the Pacific Northwest homeland!

answered by Guest | 11-03-2011 at 04:17 AM

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