iSlate Release Date?

Given the wealth of iPhone applications available, Apple's so-called iSlate would have a tremendous headstart right out of the gate.
What about the release date? Supposedly, Steve Jobs is getting ready to announce this Apple tablet device called iSlate later this month. What is the release date of the iSlate?

asked by Boris in Hardware | 5582 views | 01-04-2010 at 03:00 PM

You don’t need a crystal ball, seer stone, scrying pool or any other spooky stuff to guess what one of the most talked-about design projects of 2010 will be.

The Apple Tablet has been one of the most rumored gadgets of 2009, now reports are surfacing that Apple will put the Tablet intto production by February 2010, allowing for a release date of March or April.

Furthermore, the Tablet will feature the same ‘LTPS LCD technology’ as seen on the iPhone, and not an OLED screen as previously rumored.
I hope they have the release date right, can't wait.

answered by Andy | 01-04-2010 at 03:03 PM

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