Hair Dye: What Would Work?

Okay, I have dirty-blond hair, and light brown eyebrows. I also have long, black eye lashes, and a little bit of freckles on my nose. And I have greenish-blue eyes. The two colours I want to dye my hair are black or dark reddish-brown. If I choose to dye my hair black, would I have to dye my eyebrows, or would they look fine? If I choose dark reddish-brown, would my eyebrows look ok how they are? Is there another colour that would look best? (btw, the reddish-brown colour I'm kinda talking about is like the colour of Abigail Breslin's hair in "My Sister's Keeper")
Thanks in advance!

asked by sk8tergrl101 in Hair | 4850 views | 06-19-2010 at 02:11 AM

You don't have to worry about your eyebrows, since they're light brown they should fit nicely with your new hair color.
I personally think black will be better for you.

An important thing to consider when thinking about dying your hair is your skin tone. You'll look best in a hair color that complements your natural skin tone.

Maybe a dark brown would look nice on you.

answered by Krissy | 06-19-2010 at 04:39 AM

I say Chocolate brown, no dark reddish-brown. Nice rich color for the summer. Nothing too dark either, will wash you out.

Btw, I loved My Sister's Keeper.

answered by Norah | 06-19-2010 at 04:42 AM

Thanks so much for the advice, guys!
I think I will go with the black, or dark ash (chocolate) brown. I really appreciate, the comments, your the best!

I also love "My Sister's Keeper"
And a big fan of Abigail Breslin's.

Thanks a ton! It really helped!

answered by sk8tergrl101 | 06-20-2010 at 02:44 AM

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