Jim Parsons Emmy Win Acceptance Speech?

Jim Parsons won the Emmy for best actor in a comedy at the Emmy awards last night for The Big Bang Theory. I couldn't see his acceptance speech.
What a surprise! I wanted Jim Parsons to win but I never thought he would actually get the Emmy.
He had very tough competition, I thought Steve Carell was going to win the Emmy.
Where can I see the video of Jim Parsons's acceptance speech after he was announced as the winner of the Emmy for best actor?

asked by Director in Celebrity | 3578 views | 08-30-2010 at 07:09 PM

Jim Parsons Emmy victory was a difficult one, even though he was considered overdue. Standing in his way was a two-time defending champion, a three-time winner
with one last shot, and other comic powerhouses.
Jim Parsons got up on stage and talked a mile a minute, he thanked the "darn hard workers" on the show and said it's "beyond fortunate" that he's working at all, let alone on such a great show.
Jim Parsons beat out Comedy Series heavyweights Alec Baldwin and Steve Carell, which are always favorites come Emmy season.

Here's the youtube video of Jim Parsons' Acceptance Speech.

answered by Nathan | 08-30-2010 at 07:10 PM

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