Frances Burt Story?

Frances Burt, of Rhode Island, was a mother of 11 kids. Frances Burt was convicted. Burtís story was made into a movie called Family Sins but names and places were changed.
What's the complete story of Frances Burt?

asked by Mila in History | 82330 views | 12-28-2009 at 02:18 PM

Frances Burt, whom prosecutors say was the ringleader, faces 71 counts. Her husband, Walter, is named in 33 counts. The two, both 51, have been held without bail since their arrest June 2.

Frances Burt was convicted on arson, kidnapping, extortion, racketeering, welfare fraud and disability fraud. Burt was convicted in 1994.

There is a good review of Family Sins and a short conclusion on what happened to Frances Burt, Walter Burt, Dennis Burt, Raymond Burt, Cynthia Burt, Tammy Lacoste (Raymond Burt’s companion), Gerard Taddeo, Renee Demrest, Keith Demrest, and Eneida Facha.

The story:

Brenda's misdeeds are rolled out slowly -- the story grotesquely unfolds like a rotting tulip -- and in ever-increasing degrees of improbability. (Incidentally, CBS touts the movie's true-story bona fides -- otherwise, it would be, you know, completely implausible -- but coyly declines to name names.) We watch as Brenda instructs her children and foster children in shoplifting and fraud, but it's not until after her arrest that we learn that, when not burglarizing her tenants' apartments and setting them on fire, Brenda enjoys torturing her sons-in-law, threatening her maintenance lady and keeping a former deadbeat tenant locked up in her basement for 18 years with little to eat. The basement-dweller is Nadine (Kathleen Wilhoite), who signs over her daughter Marie (Deanna Milligan) to Brenda in exchange for dessert. Brenda's husband, Ken (Kevin McNulty), natch, molests them both. Son Joey (David Richmond-Peck) sticks to Marie.

Eventually, Marie manages to run away with her small son and lay the suburban gothic horror story on the local authorities; but neither the police, nor the Justice Department, nor child services believe her. (Her hair is just too stringy.) When she manages to spark the interest of a local newsman, however, all that changes. The brilliant D.A. Phillip Rothman (Will Patton) springs into action, and Marie finally succeeds in dragging her addled mother out of the basement and the Gecks into court.

Family Sins, in other words, is a story of faith and redemption and believing in yourself and weirdos and the incalculable value of some well-timed publicity. But what really counts is that it's the most sensationalistic schlock-athon starring Kirstie Alley you're likely to catch, and is best enjoyed with something cheesy.

answered by Match | 12-28-2009 at 02:24 PM

Interesting story.

answered by Guest | 04-05-2010 at 01:56 AM

Wow, well, I suppose whoever posted this commentary thinks such abuse and cruelty is fantastical. Consider yourself lucky that you have never been in an abusive environment that seemed so horrific, that you felt you were in a nightmare, just waiting to wake up. I applaud any network that brings to light the stories of abuse and crime. Awareness brings about the possibility of saving needs suffering, no matter how cheesy it may appear.

answered by Guest | 02-07-2011 at 06:18 AM

Honey no one said anything about it being cheesy... the author said the movie would be enjoyed with something cheesy. He/she is not trying to make abuse seem like something less than awful; the author was merely stating that how it was presented in the movie made it seem improbable.

answered by Guest | 07-31-2011 at 01:13 AM

Is she in jail? I just watched the movie and it stated that she was sentenced to 30 years. But I just read somewhere on the internet she served 11 years in prison and has 19 years probation??? Is this true and if so who the hell let her out and what state was this?? I find it appalling if she really was released after having imprisoned the mother for 18 years!! She should have at least served 18 years plus for what she did to that woman alone. I am so mad!! Does anyone know the truth here?

answered by Kris | 10-04-2011 at 02:14 AM

I will agree with Guest no. 1's reply. He was saying exactly that just trying to be "cute" with his words. Thank you but NO THANK you, HONEY, I mean Guest no. 2.

answered by Guest | 11-21-2011 at 05:15 AM

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