Is Harry Styles Dating Anyone Right Now In 2013?

I know Harry Styles broke up with Taylor Swift right before 2013 started, and some friends told me he was dating someone right now and I don't know. Some of them said they saw Harry Styles with a woman, but I don't think so because it's to early to start dating anyone. Of course in this 2013 he will have a lot of dates, but right now it's too soon, they broke up a few days ago. Maybe you saw some pictures or something...Do you know if Harry Styles is dating anyone right now in 2013?

asked by Annabelle in Internet | 2900 views | 01-09-2013 at 03:19 PM

I don't think Harry Styles is dating anyone right now in 2013, but I saw some pictures of him having fun after he broke up with Taylor. They were having vacations in the Virgin Islands and Swift left that place 2 days before, while Harry was photographed in a hot tub with Hermione Way. A source said that there was a lot of flirting and that Hermione was loving the attention. Harry Styles seems to be happy this 2013 because when he was in Puerto Rico he spend time with his fans, giving hugs and going out to lunch with them, but no dating.
I don't know for how long Styles will remember Taylor, but according on what I see, I can say that it won't take him too much to get over her. In the first months of 2013, he will be dating again.

answered by Jade | 01-09-2013 at 03:23 PM

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