President's Day 2010 Federal Holiday: Closings?

Is President's Day 2010 a Federal Holiday? I have some questions about President's Day closings.

Are the new york city parks departments closed on presidents day?
I am thinking about going but I'm not sure if it's open, does anyone know if it will be open..i don't have their phone number.

Also is there mail today? Does UPS deliver on holidays like presidents day?
What about banks? Are banks open or closed on President's Day 2010?

And last but not least, are schools open? I'm just wondering if my son will have to go to school in Pensacola? It's presidents day and since it's his first year at school I have no idea.

So is it a Federal Holiday or not? What other closings do you know about President's Day?

asked by Rachel in Holidays | 4300 views | 02-15-2010 at 03:48 PM

President's Day 2010 is a federal holiday. Most governmental offices will be closed.

What about banks?

Most banks and credit unions are closed on President's day 2010. Contact specific institutions for more information.

UPS and all Post offices are closed, with no regular mail delivery. Express Mail deliveries will be made.

Other closings:

Trash normally collected today will be collected tomorrow, with the schedule being adjusted by one day throughout the week.

Schools are probably closed on president's day, go to your school website or call them to be sure.

This is normal behavior for a federal holiday.
If you want to know about more closings, please ask.

answered by Keegan | 02-15-2010 at 04:01 PM

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