Red Dead Redemption Treasure Locations Map?

Where do you acquire the first treasure map in Red Dead Redemption?

My cousin started a game in Red Dead Redemption and I didn't see how he did it but he got a treasure map that led him to hangmans noose.

From that point you are able to find another treasure map and that is how you find all the maps in Red Dead Redemption. But I have tried everything in the game and have not gotten the first map.
So, what should I do to acquire the first treasure map in Red Dead Redemption for the Xbox?

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Red Dead Redemption's Invisible Treasure 1: Rhodes’ Silver

First map you will get when you save a Treasure hunter (they are all around just watch when you hear someone is shooting around try to locate where is it coming from then if its a treasure hunter who's being shot try to save him if u do he will give you the 1st map).

Your very first treasure map ought to arrive since the outcome of the random experience, by which you conserve a stranger kind a group of bandits attacking his wagon. The subsequent maps for that treasure hunter problem are situated within every successive treasure chest.

Rhodes’ Silver is situated at Hanging Rock, northern of Armadillo in Cholla Springs. Location of the treasure in the map? The chest could be discovered at base with the biggest boulder, below a pile of rocks inside a narrow region, which could be reached by exploring the northern part of Hanging Rock and subsequent the narrow route this kind of exploration reveals.

There are 9 Treasures in Red Dead Redemption.

Location 1 and 2 are in the first part of the treasure Map called New Austin which is in America.
Location 3,4,5,6 and 7 are in the second part of the treasure map called Nuevo Paraiso which is in Mexico.
The rest is in Par 3 in Black Water.

This is a map with all the treasure location.

Red Dead Redemption Treasure Locations Map

Every time you find a Treasure you'll get a new map.

answered by Gabe | 05-23-2010 at 02:12 AM

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