Is The New iPhone 4S Worth It?

So Apple is going to release the new iPhone 4S very soon, I think the release date is sometime around October 15.
Is the new iPhone 4S cell phone worth it? I currently own the 4 and I want to know if it's worth buying and the upgrade will benefit me.
I don't understand so much about technology but I've been told that the new iPhone 4S has just some minor improvements over its predecessor.
Does it mean that it's not worth it and I should wait for the iPhone 5 next year?

asked by Kaylee in Mobile Phones | 3677 views | 10-04-2011 at 10:03 PM

The iPhone 4S is definitely worth it if you use the camera a lot. The latest version recorded 720p video and the iPhone 4S records 1080p, that's a vast improvement.
Also, the new processor is two times faster and that means the new iPhone 4S will be able to better games and run apps that are more complex and demanding.
It also includes Siri, which will change the way you use your iPhone, you can talk to it now and it will do what you want.
The new iPhone 4S is worth buying for me, I'm a bit disappointed because I was expecting the 5 but I guess we'll have to wait for next year.

answered by Allison | 10-04-2011 at 10:04 PM

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