USS Arizona Pictures?

Wondering if there are USS Arizona Pictures.
The Arizona was mooring inboard of another ship, hence largely shielded from torpedo attacks. It is now believed that she was not struck by any torpedoes.

It was a bomb that destroyed her, especially what seems to have been a 1,000 pound armor-piercing shell/bomb ( in all likelihood a shell from a japanese 16 inch battleship converted for use by planes) that wrecked the great destruction. The bomb seems to have fallen through one of her smokestacks, penetrated deep within the ship, and through a series of subsequent explosions within, caused the ship's powder magazines to explode (from heat, most likely.) It was this one devastating blow that sent her down and caused the bulk of the casualties among her crew.
Are there any good USS Arizona Pictures?

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I found some pictures of the USS Arizona

USS Arizona was moored inboard of the repair ship Vestal when the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor. The destruction of the ship was entirely the work of Japanese horizontal bombers, which struck her with several bombs.

The massive explosion that followed has never been fully explained, since the bomb apparently did not pierce Arizona's armored deck, which protected her magazines. Many qualified authorities have blamed powder storage outside of the magazines as the cause.

USS Arizona Pictures:

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