Russian Nightclub Fire Video?

Is there a video of the Russian Nightclub fire?
One of the worst fires of the last century took place on Nov. 28, 1942, in the United States when 487 people were killed in a fire at the Cocoanut Grove night club in Boston.
Yesterday something similar happened in Russia.
A blaze sparked by an indoor firework show ripped through a crowded Russian nightclub, killing at least 102 people and injuring 134.
Where can I see the video?

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The fire broke out in the city’s popular Lame Horse club at 11:15 p.m. Moscow time yesterday after an explosion and took an hour to extinguish, the Russian Emergency Ministry said in a statement on its Web site. State television Vesti-24 said the death toll rose to 109.

About 250 people were in the club to mark its eighth anniversary when the fire broke out, Vesti-24 reported. Vesti broadcast video footage of the burning ceiling made by one of the club-goers and customers rushing to the exit in panic.

Here's the video of the fire:

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I also found this video:

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