UFC 112 Play By Play Results: Anderson Silva vs Demian Maia?

I'm looking for play by play results of the Anderson Silva vs Demian Maia fight.
In the main event for UFC 112, it was Silva defeating Maia to retain the UFC Middleweight Championship. Silva won by unanimous decision, but the scorecard was not given at the time of the decision.

Anderson Silva punched himself in the face more in the second round than Demian Maia did the entire fight at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Saturday.
Anderson Silva's boring win over Demian Maia had fans in a tizzy and more importantly UFC president Dana White was livid. White is all about promoting action fights and pleasing the fans. Today, the guy he calls pound-for-pound the best, repeated his clowning antics from UFC 90 and UFC 97.

Not good if you're Maia, attempting to win the UFC middleweight championship belt against the best pound-for-pound mixed martial artist in the world.

Since I didn't watch the full fight, where can I get UFC 112 play by play results of the full fight?

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In a fight world littered with media types and fighters who have been afraid to call out Anderson Silva after he puts on awful displays that show a lack of respect for the fans, the sports and his employer, Chael Sonnen has been a bit of a renegade. Before UFC 109, he had some choice words for the UFC middleweight champ. So it's not shocking to hear he had a strong reaction when MMAJunkie tracked him down today for reaction on Silva's ridiculous, clowning win over Demian Maia.

"Unfortunately, not every fight turned out the way everyone would like," Silva uttering almost identical words to his odd, action-less fights at UFC 90 and UFC 97. "Demian disrespected me, not as a person, but as a fighter."

Silva, who did 99 percent of the gesturing and clowning featured in the fight, said his issues with Maia came before the fight.

Yahoo! Sports Kevin Iole reported that after the fourth round White took Silva's belt, threw it down at the feet of Silva's manager Ed Soares and walked to the back. When White came into the postfight press conference, he exploded without much prodding.

Dana White, president of the UFC, weighed in on Anderson Silva after his bizarre antics in defending the UFC middleweight title against Demian Maia at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, labelling it “an embarrassment”.

White even said he may even become the first UFC champion to have his fights put onto the non-televised preliminary match-ups in the future. That’s unlikely, but White showed his disgust by moving from the Octagonside to the back of the outdoor arena in Abu Dhabi at UFC 112.

Play by play results of the fight.

Round 1: Silva looking very relaxed, feeling Maia out. Fightline scores the round 10-8 for Silva.

Round 2: Silva keeping his hands low and mocks Maia for trying to hit him. Silva is making another statement in this fight. He knocks Maia down with a leg kick. Fightline scores the round 10-8 for Silva.

Round 3: Maia throws a right hand. Silva landing with kicks. The action is slowing a bit. Fightline scores the round 10-9 for Silva.

Round 4: There are shades of the Thales Leites fight appearing now, Silva can finish this but he isn't. Maia misses with a couple of big punches. Fightline scores the round 10-9 for Silva.

Round 5: Silva is going to draw a lot of criticism if he doesn't finish Maia. Maia's left eye is swollen shut. Maia throws his hands up. The referee stops the fight and warns Silva that if he doesn't engage he's going to dock him a point. Maia is pushing forward as the round ends. Fightline scores the round 10-9 for Maia.

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