Jenn Brown the Reporter?

This morning Jenn Brown the reporter did a quick 3 minute question and answer session with Colt McCoy for ESPN Game Day, and since then people is mad about her.
Sites like BustedCoverage claim their fan sites are "blowing up" with Jenn Brown photo searches, Jenn Brown inquiries and fans wanting to know more about the blonde reporter.

The site says, "While Erin Andrews seems to be and says she’d like to scale back on things once this football season is over, ESPN might just be giving Brown or even Wendi Nix the chance to take over her duties as the cute face of the sidelines."

Who is she and why is she famous all of the sudden?

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Jenn Brown said her career in sports casting was an accident. She was a criminology student in Florida and intended to go to law school. Then a friend asked her if she could fill in and be a model on “Bikini Destinations,” an HDNet show.

After that Brown was offered a host spot on the show, then she hosted HDNet’s “The Wild Side.”

“Literally, I would wake up every day, and I couldn’t believe people were paying me to travel around the world and do the most amazing things you could do in any country,” Brown said.

An ESPN employee told Brown that the network was looking for a new female face and not “another 30-year-old white guy.”

Brown who thinks of herself as a tomboy thought that sounded perfect.

“I remember being on the playground as a little kid racing the boys. I was always the first picked for kickball,” Brown said.

Brown said that Erin Andrews is as a source of inspiration for her.

answered by Camelot | 10-17-2009 at 09:08 PM

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