Body Bug Reviews?

What is a body bug which shown at the biggest loser?
How can a calorie counting machine be effective..especially with no sauna around to burn fats ? Is Body bug or Bodybugg effective? Are there reviews of the Body bug?
Is the Body Bug worth buying? Please point me to any reviews you have found.

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A Body Bug or bodybugg is a 24 hour Fitness biometric calorie management system. It has four sensors which collect data from one’s body and arranges it as per the age, weight and gender.
Bodybugg is an excellent way to lose weight, the healthy way.

It utilizes a patented process for interpreting calorie burn called "sensor fusion" developed by BodyMedia, Inc. This process involves collecting a range of body-data using multiple physiological sensors instead of a single sensor, which is what other calorie estimation devices such as pedometers and heart rate monitors rely on.


It gives those who are attempting weight loss a clear snapshot of how many calories they can eat and still lose weight. The Body Bugg program comes with a comprehensive online food diary, simplifying the process of counting calories. The tricky thing about the Body Bugg is that it doesn’t do magic. The hard work still must come from your own effort; while it makes the weight loss equation black and white, you are still the one that has to practice restraint and smart food choices, and you are still the one that must find the motivation to jump on that treadmill.

The Body Bugg has a few slight drawbacks, none of which overbear the benefit of knowing your caloric burn. However, wearing the Body Bugg (which fortunately continues to get smaller and smaller in size) can be a bit of an annoyance for some. It can be uncomfortable to wear under clothes. The Body Bugg nutrition diary also takes quite a lot of energy to fill out properly and can be hard to stick to diligently. The weight loss tool is not wildly expensive in itself, but it does require a purchasing of a subscription in order to stay a member of the online nutrition and weight loss tracking mechanism.

Fast Facts:

* The Bodybugg has been featured on the television program, The Biggest Loser.
* The Bodybugg calorie counter is part of the Bodybugg system which includes a web application which allows users to track their daily intake of calories in order to be certain that more calories are expended than are taken in.
* The Bodybugg was awarded the "Best of What's New" in the Personal Health category by Popular Science magazine in 2005.

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