PSAT Practice Test Online Free?

The PSAT is coming up soon and all my friends are asking if I'm going to take it.
I'm in the 8th grade and im taking it since I scored advanced and proficient on previous tests (my state test-P.A.C.T) I'm tested Gifted and Talented and I'm wondering are there any websites or books that will help me prepare for it so i'll be ready to take it when the time comes.
Is there a way to download the PSAT Practice Test online for free?

asked by Julia in Universities | 8749 views | 10-14-2009 at 12:20 AM

For the record, the PSAT doesn't really mean anything until you can qualify for the National Merit Scholar in Junior year (11th grade). Taking the SAT is much better - I took it in seventh grade to qualify for the Gifted and Talented, Johns Hopkins, etc.

All PSAT's are held in the beginning of October. Around that time, your school should be sending notifications about taking the PSAT. More practice is always better, so you should try PSAT as a sophomore, continuing through junior year.
The first time, it's literally just for practice...the score doesn't "count," it doesn't "go anywhere," etc. In your junior year, this test is the one used by the National Merit Scholarship group to determine Commended Scholars, etc. SAT testing happens several times a year. Most juniors will take it in the second semester of their junior year and perhaps once more at the beginning of their senior year, depending on how they did.

Go here to get a practice test, it's online and it's free:

answered by Test | 10-14-2009 at 12:22 AM

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