Jon Gosselin Primetime Interview?

Jon Gosselin Primetime interview on Good Morning America has many people accusing him of taking advantage of his eight kids and ignoring them. What exactly did Jon Gosselin said on the interview?

asked by Kyle in Television | 2350 views | 09-09-2009 at 07:57 PM

I watched the interview last night and feel that Jon was very hurt but honest. Many do not believe his side but how many men are willing to go to counseling without their partner just for the marriage sake. Also, Jon has done some stupid things since his separation but one thing for sure he's been pretty frank. As for Kate, she has lied from day one even when her brother brought this information to life early on. Everyone wants to say that he trash his wife but she trashed him as well in PEOPLE magazine. How many women say their spouse act like a 15 year old. Even if he did that's not nice to say in public. Why does she get to say and do whatever but he can not. Why is everyone looking at Kate as the victim when she choose to end the marriage. Jon had everyone right to question this man motive with his wife 24/7. She did not need a bodyguard for what. Why wouldn't she allow him to accompany her on trips? None of this would have happened if he had not questioned her motive and wanted to be a part of her travel. As long as he did what she wanted and stayed home being Mr. Mom everything was okay. I believe Kate got what she deserved.

answered by Todu | 09-09-2009 at 07:59 PM

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