Big Giant Earthworms

Are these pictures photoshoped? No, they are real.

In Brazil there is a species from the animal kingdom called Minhocuçu which can grow beyond half a meter in length an almost an inch in diameter.
Is it the biggest earthworm on earth? Absolutely no.
In South Africa, the Microchaetidae family is a species where all members can reach over a meter in length.
Pretty big earthworms huh? So they win the price of size.
Not, actually. The title belongs to the Megascolecidae family from Australia. The record: 2,1 meters by 24 millimeters thick.

These pictures show worms up to a meter in length.
The first image of a girl holding up one, may not be of an earthworm but of a caecilian.
The second photo was taken in the Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve in Ecuador.
These huge giant earthworms can't harm you, but people is always scared of big bugs just because of their appearance.

However people always come up with good stories about them. There is a legend about a worm, a death worm. Specifically the Mongolian Death Worm. It can allegedly kill its victims by spraying a lethal and blinding venom.
But so far it is just a legend and its not very plausible such a creature exists.

These huge worms are a important part of the ecosystem, and in countries like Brazil they are in danger of completely disappear as they are used as excellent fishing bait.

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first time I see worms this big, they look like bugs from the King Kong movie

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