Video: Obama state of the union address 2010 video?

Barack Obama's relatively short political career has been punctuated by important speeches. His last important speech was the State of the union address in January 2010.
I'm looking for the video of the address.
With his approval-rating numbers at or near an all-time low and his primary legislative goal of passing health care reform stalled in Congress, Obama spoke directly to the American people in the State of the union address 2010.
Can anyone point me to Obama's video?

asked by Junior in Politics | 3021 views | 01-29-2010 at 01:59 PM

Video of Obama's State of The Union Address from January 2010:
President Obama spoke before Congress in his first State of the Union address.
Obama stressed the importance of job creation and assistance for middle class families, including measures to cope with rising tuition costs.
Youtube video:

answered by Wolf | 01-29-2010 at 01:59 PM

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