Jason Garrett Dallas Cowboys Coach?

The Dallas Cowboys fired coach Wade Phillips after a 1-7 start to a National Football League season the team intended to end in a home-game Super Bowl.

The new Dallas Cowboys Coach is Jason Garrett.

The Cowboys had high hopes at the beginning of the season, trying to reach the Super Bowl, which will be played next February at the two year-old Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
Jones said he told Phillips he was fired in a face-to-face meeting Monday afternoon but did not want to say more about the meeting.

What do you think about Jason Garrett as the new Dallas Cowboys coach?

asked by Fidelity in Other - Sports | 1609 views | 11-09-2010 at 02:47 AM

Jerry Jones kept saying Wade Phillips wouldn't be fired during the season, but even Jones couldn't take it anymore.
Dallas is now 1-7 and it won't get any easier this Sunday when they play the Giants in the New Meadowlands Stadium.

I think the problem with the Cowboy is Jerry Jones. This has been the problem for years. How did ole Wade stand this rich BUM. He has promised the world and can't deliver and the coach is out.

Unfortunately, you can't fire Jerry he's the owner. But he needs to step down as general manager. If Jerry "ego" Jones really wants to find the problem with the cowboys he simply needs to look in the mirror.

It is sad to see Wade Phillips being made the fall guy for Jerry Jones' inability to run an NFL team.

answered by Andrew | 11-09-2010 at 02:48 AM

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