Texas Powerful Smart: Appliance Rebate 2010?

Texas Powerful Smart Appliance Rebate Program officially kicks off 7am Wednesday April 7 2010, when residents will be able reserve up to two rebates for qualified ENERGY STAR or CEE.

The Texas Powerful Smart program aims to distribute $20 million of rebates to consumers who upgrade household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines while recycling their own equipment.

Since people could register today (Wednesday, April 7th, 2010), the website had a high volume of people. I tried to access the Texas Powerful Smart program site several times but I got an error message.

Does anyone have the list of appliances that are part of the Texas Powerful Smart Appliance Rebate 2010?

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The Texas Trade Up Appliance Rebate Program officially exhausted at about 2 p.m. today, just six hours out of the gate.

The program went live this morning and phone lines were quickly overrun, according to reports. About $4 million went out in the first two hours and at 10 a.m the Texas Comptroller's office closed online submitting.

Dubbed as “Energy Efficiency Powerful Smart for Texans”, this program which started on Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 7am Central Time, encourages buyers to buy and install an eligible ENERGY STAR® or CEE qualified product in Texas. Each appliance category has its own corresponding rebate amount.

The Texas appliance rebate program 2010 includes these products:

Room air conditioners
Clothes washers
Central air conditioners
Air-source heat pumps
Hot water heaters

The rebates range between $45 and $1,600, depending on the appliance type and energy efficiency of model purchased and the products need to have the energy star logo. It lasts from April 16 to April 25.

The Appliance Rebate 2010 program also requires confirmation of the disposal of old, functional appliances of the same type with all rebate applications, which earns an additional $75 payment per appliance for each rebate claim.

The Texas Powerful Smart Web site has experienced server issues today, you just need to keep trying.

Prior to the launch of the program, people were told to call 1-877-780-3039 or go online to make a rebate reservation.

It is a first time event in Texas, and the energy conservation efforts of the state are sure to receive a tremendous boost due to this endeavor. Each consumer who participates is asked to replace their still functioning, but old appliances for Energy Star or CEE models that are more energy efficient.

On the TexasPowerfulSmart.org website, state officials addressed the technical issues.

"We are experiencing high volume. $19,361,470 IN REBATES ARE STILL AVAILABLE. The Web reservation system will be temporarily unavailable for an estimated 45 min (as of 9:45 am)."

With the nearly $300 million in federal stimulus funding being apportioned to states based on population size, Texas will be running the second-largest Cash for Appliances rebate program in the nation. Only California, with $35.3 million, is receiving more for its program.

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