World Soccer Rankings By Country?

i want to have the list of the football/soccer clubs from the world, the World Soccer Rankings.
How does the FIFA world rankings work and where is the list of World Soccer Rankings ordered by country?
Is it Brazil the number one again? They lost the last word cup, they should not be number one on the World Soccer Rankings this year.

asked by Smash in Soccer | 3716 views | 12-04-2009 at 08:22 PM

the teams are given points based on all the international matches they played in the last 4 years, with more recent matches worth the most points, and continental competitions (like the euro and african nations cup) and the world cup are worth the most.
This is the definite list. World Soccer Rankings ordered by country. From updated 20 Nov 2009.

1 Spain Spain
2 Brazil Brazil
3 Netherlands Netherlands
4 Italy Italy 1215
5 Portugal Portugal
6 Germany Germany
7 France France
8 Argentina Argentina
9 England England
10 Croatia Croatia
11 Cameroon Cameroon
12 Greece Greece
13 Russia Russia
14 USA USA 980
15 Mexico Mexico
16 Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire
17 Chile Chile
18 Switzerland Switzerland
19 Uruguay Uruguay
20 Serbia Serbia
21 Australia Australia
22 Nigeria Nigeria
23 Czech Republic Czech Republic
24 Ukraine Ukraine
25 Israel Israel
26 Denmark Denmark
27 Bulgaria Bulgaria
28 Algeria Algeria
29 Egypt Egypt
30 Paraguay Paraguay
31 Norway Norway
32 Romania Romania
33 Slovenia Slovenia
34 Slovakia Slovakia
35 Ecuador Ecuador
36 Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland
37 Ghana Ghana
38 Honduras Honduras
39 Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
40 Colombia Colombia

answered by Lizbeth | 12-04-2009 at 08:28 PM

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