Walmart Black Friday 2010 Sale & Deals?

I've been wanting to get the Sony Playstation 3 system from Walmart. But its nearing Black Friday and I know I can get some of the best deals and specials that day, so i was wondering if it will be on sale, and if so..about how much would it be? Any price predictions or rumors?
I heard there's also a PS3 bundle. What games are they giving for the ps3 bundle in 2010 and what are other bundles for other stores like kmart and target?

Has any of Walmart ads for Black Fridays been leaked?
Last year on Black Friday, Walmart had killer deals on laptops and electronics. Any idea if good deals will be offered this year too?

asked by Faith in Holidays | 3414 views | 11-15-2010 at 01:48 AM

WalMart Black Friday ads are promising top deals on electronics and toys. A leaked copy of the Walmart Black Friday ads circular obtained by CNN says there will be hot deals on HDTVs, Blu-Rays, and laptops, while other gift favorites like toys, children’s clothing and DVDs will also be cut.

Gaming consoles do not drop in price on Black Friday, so it will be the same price as any other day.

Walmart most likely will have at least one laptop with a big discount for Black Friday. Their Black Friday ads don't vary that much from year to year-only the brands and prices do.

Try Black Friday 2010 deals online at, if you don't willing to fight the crowds. They're starting since Monday, November 22, 2010, for a week of amazing deals. They'll be adding new deals all day & every day.

Also, there are sites that get the deals way early for you to see.

answered by Copper | 11-15-2010 at 01:49 AM

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