Kwame Kilpatrick Sentencing Scandal?

Why is Kwame Kilpatrick former mayor of Detroit going to jail?
I'm new to this city and watching the news and they're talking about Kwame Kilpatrick's scandal and his sentencing but they're not saying the reason on the news cause they assume everyone knows?

What is the Kwame Kilpatrick scandal all about? What are the details of his sentencing?

asked by Cruz in Law & Ethics | 1979 views | 05-25-2010 at 07:11 PM

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was fired from his job today after being sentenced to prison for probation violation.

Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced on to up to five years in prison for violating the terms of his 2008 probation on convictions for perjury and obstruction of justice.

The judge ruled last month that Kilpatrick failed to report all of his assets and meet other conditions of his probation after his conviction for obstruction of justice.

The judge appeared to give no weight to Kilpatrick’s lengthy and emotional court oration, in which he apologized for his lies in the text-message scandal, but said he is a different and better person today.

As Kilpatrick spoke, the judge mostly looked at papers on his desk.

"Probation is no longer an option," Groner said when Kilpatrick had finished. "That ship has sailed."

Kilpatrick's long, public, humiliating fall, I can't see how the judge could do anything but come down hard on him for all the games he's played since he did 120 days in county jail, was put on probation and promised to pay $1 million in restitution to the city. He's lied. He's tried to hide money. He's dragged his feet. He's acted as if paying what he owes to this city, the one that had once turned him into a star on the national political stage, was some kind of inconvenience and intrusion.

Kwame Kilpatrick deserved this sentencing.

answered by Erin | 05-25-2010 at 07:26 PM

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