Oil Spill: BP Top Kill Procedure Video?

Energy giant BP said that it will continue to provide a live video feed of the oil spill during a procedure called a "top kill," designed to choke off the leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

I think that's been so many days now, BP needs to do something right now to stop the oil coming out, it needs a procedure that works.

I have no idea what the top kill procedure is all about. Is there a video that explain what the top kill procedure is going to do to fix the oil spill?

asked by Hope in Law & Ethics | 2065 views | 05-26-2010 at 01:23 AM

BP is in deep trouble and it is resorting all measures in an apparent bid to plug the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
I have posted a video of how the top kill procedure works below.

The top kill procedure, which could seal the well sooner, uses the same principle as is employed in normal drilling. To counteract the pressure of the oil and gas being squeezed out of the reservoir, heavy drilling fluid, known as "mud", is pumped down the hole.

The "top kill" tactic is routinely used above ground, but has never been tried 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) underwater.

BP hopes to connect pipes to the bottom of the blowout preventer - the stack of valves intended to stop oil and gas escapes which appears to have failed - and pump in mud. This will push the oil and gas back down towards the reservoir.

Doug Suttles, BP's chief operating officer, told CNN yesterday that: "We need it to work." However, he made clear that the procedure had only a 60-70 per cent chance of success. There is a risk, albeit probably a small one, it could make the leak even worse.

If the "top kill" effort fails, relief wells to divert the flow and allow the leaking well to be sealed will not be ready until August at the earliest, meaning tens of millions more barrels of crude could stream into the Gulf of Mexico.

The stakes for BP are high, with politicians and others losing patience with the company over its inability to stop the oil leak that sprang more than a month ago after an offshore drilling rig exploded. Eleven workers were killed, and by the most conservative estimate, 7 million gallons of crude have spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, fouling Louisiana's marshes and coating birds and other wildlife.

Most of the equipment is on site and preparations for the "top kill" operation continue, with a view to deployment within a few days.

Video of the top kill procedure at work.

answered by Preston | 05-26-2010 at 01:31 AM

Top Kill ??
Pump drilling mud and concrete through the hydraulic lines and pumps which control the BOP's..??

OK..this i gotta see. Looks like creating illusions of actually being able to do anything at all, appease the sheeple..govt etc..just cut the pipe off below the BOP's and drop new bigger casing over that and spud in..cement.. start again..no way around it.. or play around for 90 days and cover the planet coasts in oil..accept the one big spill its going to be less than 3 or more months of steady oil leaking into the oceans..clear to Newfy..currents carry oil over the entire planet..military industrial machine and big oil, corrupted politicians..G20 Bilderburger sucking lunacy..just takes one screw up..out of thousands of wells to kill a planet..anyone getting the picture..perfectly safe is perfectly deluded, one 747 crash on your holidays can kill ya of YOU are on it..

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answered by Guest | 05-26-2010 at 02:54 PM

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