Facts: King Tut Facts and Curse?

Today an interesting fact was discovered about King Tut, he was a frail teen with a cleft palate who walked with a cane and died of malaria - not murder, according to scientists who studied King Tut's DNA.

His life must have been so interesting. What are some facts about King Tut?
I Need help on the personal life of king Tut, does anyone have facts about King Tut ?
I wold like to read about significant things that happened in his life. Also what about the curse in his tomb?
Is the curse for real?

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Facts about King Tut:

- King Tut became king at the early age of nine.
- Died mysteriously at the age of eighteen.
- Mysterious curse thought to be responsible for the deaths of almost two dozen people involved with the discovery of his tomb.
- Has been on display since Harry Burton discovered the burial site in 1922.
- His mother was Nefertiti; His father was Akhenaten known as the Heretic Kin

Also, an interesting fact is that king Tut who died at age 19 in 1324 B.C., the 10th year of his reign, had a rare bone disorder in one foot, a club foot in the other and was infected with the mosquito-born parasite.

About King Tut's curse:

Lord Carnarvon was the guy who discovered King Tut's tomb, he had been in a car accident many years earlier and had never fully recovered. About a month after entering the tomb, he cut open a mosquito bite while shaving and infection set in. Blood poisoning and pneumonia quickly followed, and within a few weeks, he passed away.
Newspapers reported that mysterious forces unleashed from the mummy and its trappings had caused his death.

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