Brian Urlacher's Mother Death?

Brian Urlacher returned to practice Thursday after the death of his mother.
Urlacher had left the team to be with his family, saying in a statement that his priority was to mourn the death of his mother.
Are there pictures of Brian Urlacher's mom? What did she die of? What was the cause of her death?
Is Brian going to play against the Saints or is he taking some time?

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Coach Lovie Smith said Brian Urlacher is excited to face the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.
Even after Urlacher left to grieve with his family, it was expected that he would return to play soon.
Bears coach Lovie Smith, who lost his own mother in February, urged Urlacher to put family before football.
The name of Brian's mom was Lavoyda Lenard. It's not immediately clear when funeral services will take place for her.

Here's a picture of Brian Urlacher's mom.

Brian Urlacher Mother

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