Panda Cow Photos?

A rare panda cow was born in Colorado. The miniature calf has markings that look much like a panda bear hence the name. The tiny cow was born on a northern Colorado farm in Larimer County.

The farmer who made the calf raises miniature cattle and also owns a miniature kangaroo on his hobby farm.

The panda cow, a product of genetic manipulation, is thought to be one of only about 24 in the world.

Panda cows can sell at auction for $30,000 because of their demand as unique pets. The new calf is named Ben and, in five to six months, he will be sold.

I was surprised when I saw it on TV, it really looks like a panda bear. Are there pictures of the newborn panda cow?

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The panda cow --an uncommon cross-breed -- was worked on for 44 years by Richard Gradwohl, a Covington, Washington, farmer who used eight different miniature cows to create the new breed.

The tiny cow was born Friday with a white belt and a white face with black eyes—bearing a striking resemblance to a panda, and now one of only 24 so-called panda cows on the planet.

The miniature panda cow is the result of genetic manipulation. The mini-cattle are bred solely as pets and can be welcomed into owners’ homes without causing any mayhem.

Here's a photo of Colorado farmer Chris Jessen holding his new 'panda cow' named Ben.

Panda Cow Pic

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