Yazoo City MS Tornado Video?

Yazoo City in Mississippi has apparently been hit by a very strong tornado and currently lots of rescue and recovery units are on the scene of this devastating tornado.
Is there a video of the Yazoo City MS tornado?

A number of buildings which came in the tornado's way were destroyed. A spokesperson from NWS said that the torando that hit Yazoo City MS, was 3/4 of a mile wide and hit the Mississippi cities of Valley park, Yazoo city and Durant.

Were there any death due to the tornado in Yazoo City MS? Where can I watch the video?

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The tornado was 3/4 of a mile wide and ripped through at least three Mississippi counties.
Yazoo city is about forty miles north of Jackson Mississippi.
I found a video of the Yazoo City Tornado. It looks awful.

The Yazoo City tornado touched down Saturday, injuring dozens of others and ripping the tops off buildings. The tornado whizzed across at least three counties in West-Central Mississippi, heavily damaging at least 20 buildings.

So far two deaths have been reported.

Damage has been reported in Issaquena, Warren, Yazoo, and Holmes counties and as the system moves northeast through the state.

Some of the damage done by the tornado on Saturday included a church in east-central Mississippi and bits of damage to Olive Branch Middle school, south of Memphis, Tennessee.

Jim Pollard, public affairs manager for American Medical Response ambulance service, says the company dispatched 11 ambulances to Yazoo City. He says one more person with significant injuries was airlifted to a Jackson hospital.

This is the video of the Yazoo City tornado in MS.

The tornado was moving northeast at 90km/h when it was spotted. The National Weather Service put the entire state of Mississippi on tornado watch until 8pm local time on Saturday and called the tornado ďan extremely dangerous and life-threatening situation".

The state of Mississippi is banding together to try to figure out what their next step of action is going to be. Reports that 20 to 30 houses in the surrounding areas have been leveled to the ground. It's hard to imagine the intensity of a tornado this size and the destruction it leaves behind.

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The Southeastern Regional Response Team is one of the groups headed to Yazoo City to help with rescue and recovery efforts after today's tornado. More than two dozen members of the Hattiesburg Fire Department who are on the team left this afternoon.

Those people need help urgently.

They are taking rescue equipment and other supplies.

answered by Troy | 04-25-2010 at 04:01 AM

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