Can You See Me Now? Amazing Translucent Concrete

Amazing Translucent Concrete

A German design firm has created concrete containing optical fibers, allowing light and color to pass through to the other side. The material can be several meters thick and still be translucent as the fibers work almost without any loss in light.
The amount of optical fibers is only 4%, so this material has the same technical data as the concrete used for it. From the developers' website:
"Translucent concrete is a combination of optical fibers and fine concrete. Thousands of fibers run side by side transmitting light between the two surfaces of each element. Because of their small size the fibers blend into concrete becoming a component of the material like small pieces of ballast. In this manner, the result is not only having the two materials mixed -glass in concrete- but a third, new material which is homogeneous in its inner structure and on its main surfaces as well. In theory, a wall structure created out of translucent concrete blocks can be a couple of meters thick as the fibers work almost without any loss in light up till 20 meters... Even the colors remain the same."
It will be interesting to see how this new material is applied. This is the first step to what might become a building material of the future.

asked by FrozenWolf in Cycling | 9682 views | 01-07-2008 at 11:44 PM

Now you can build your house in the middle of a tornado prone area and watch it from inside

answered by networker | 01-08-2008 at 03:20 PM

now that is something cool

answered by Thimble | 01-09-2008 at 02:23 PM

nice idea

answered by cohen | 01-09-2008 at 02:35 PM

you still can't see much but this is concrete so it's ok

answered by Mimz | 01-09-2008 at 03:06 PM

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