Pixar Easter Eggs

I've made a list with most of the easter eggs Pixar hides on its movies.
Let's start...
WALL-E, the next Pixar character...

can be found on the "Ratatouille" DVD:

do you see him?

Bomb Voyage the crazy explosives criminal that Mr. Incredible discovers robbing a bank in "The Incredibles"...

shows up as a mime who's working in the streets of Paris in "Ratatouille"

the remote trailer with the deadly bug light in "A Bug's Life":

... is also where Randall ends up after he gets kicked out from the monster's world in "Monsters, Inc."

the Pizza Planet truck parked beside this trailer:

has appeared in every single Pixar film. It's in "Toy Story.":

you can also see it in one of the last scenes in "Toy Story 2"...

Finding Nemo:


The incredibles (you can see it to the top right):

and Ratatouille:

Linguini from Ratatouille:

makes an appearance in Lifted:

Stanley, the founder of Radiator Springs in Cars:

can also be seen in "Boundin":

In this image from Monsters, Inc. you can see Jesse from Toy Story on the table and the famous Pixar ball on the floor:

Here's Nemo in Monsters, Inc...

And you can see The Incredibles on the magazine this kid is reading in Finding Nemo:

The crazy old man who's playing chess in "Geri's Game"...

is the same who repairs Woody in "Toy Story 2."

The gas station Dinoco in "Toy Story" ...

is the sponsor in "Cars."

The yellow ball with the red star and blue stripe from "Luxo Jr":

...turns up in "Toy Story":

and it's also in "The Incredibles"...

The credit goes to Jim Hill for finding all this stuff.

asked by sapphire in Movies | 52506 views | 12-15-2007 at 01:35 AM

Cool findings, those guys are always teasing us and we don't even notice it. I love Pixar, you can't say a single negative thing about all the movies they made. Except Cars.

answered by Midsummer | 12-15-2007 at 07:19 AM

I can't see the car on The Incredibles

answered by zglows | 12-15-2007 at 08:00 AM

I showed all this pics to my sister, she couldn't believe it

answered by ghosttown | 12-15-2007 at 07:31 PM

you can't see it because it's blurry but it's there

answered by cohen | 12-15-2007 at 11:52 PM

wow, great easter eggs.

answered by ezequiel | 11-11-2008 at 08:49 PM

if you look at the truck stop where mack wants to stop you will see a truck with a Monster inc logo on it.

answered by Guest | 10-18-2009 at 11:55 PM

Here is another One! There is a short with a baby that is playing with a musical toy. You can see the ball in that short as well it is on the floor! it is also Painted on the floor in another short with a unicycle. You see it when the spotlight hits it.

answered by Pooh | 12-08-2009 at 12:10 AM

also in the short film "tin toy" the main toy appears in ratatouille ( its beside linguini when he's moping)

answered by sonic kid | 06-10-2010 at 10:01 PM

Another Easter Egg...
In Finding Nemo... When Nemo first gets "tossed" into the fish tank in the Dentist's office, he does a scan out each pane of glass, and in the view of the waiting room of the office, there is a Buzz Lightyear toy on the floor....

Love the Easter Eggs...Thanks for sharing!

answered by Guest | 09-22-2010 at 01:59 AM

Pixar stated that there is, in fact, no pizza truck in "The Incredibles" the one you showed is a common misconception, other than that great easter eggs.

answered by Guest | 11-28-2010 at 12:23 AM

Buzz Lightyear is found in the toy box in the dentists office in Nemo.

answered by Guest | 12-25-2010 at 07:21 PM

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