AAPL Earnings Report?

AAPL announced its quarterly earnings report this afternoon. And it was a big surprise. The Street was expecting quarterly earnings of $1.42 on revenue of $9.2 billion, according to Thomson Financial. But AAPL did better than that.

Following its June release, the iPhone 3GS has now logged a full quarter of sales. Analysts are particularly interested in seeing how Apple’s latest phone performed and whether it’s continuing AAPL's momentum in the market.
Where can I find the full earnings report online?

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So much for expectations. Apple (AAPL) blew past them all — its own and those of a crowd of increasingly bullish analysts — by reporting its most profitable quarter ever.

Apple's shares exploded in after-hours trading. Having closed at $189.86, shares leaped more than 13 points in the next hour and 40 minutes to $202.87 — an all-time high.

“After market close Monday, Apple reported a fiscal fourth-quarter profit of $1.67 billion, or $1.82 a share, on revenue of $9.87 billion. That topped the estimates of analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters, who’d expected the company to earn $1.42 a share on revenue of $9.2 billion.”

It’s routine for Apple to absolutely torch estimates, they’ve topped expectations every quarter since Q1 2003, often by a wide margin. However, there’s some really positive news in this earnings report.

“Apple sold 3.05 million Macintosh® computers during the quarter, representing a 17 percent unit increase over the year-ago quarter”

Let that sink in, a 17% year-over-year unit increase on a top of the line computer. While competitors are seeing revenue cut down by increasing netbook sales and decreasing overall demand, Apple managed to boost Macintosh revenue by 9% over last year. To be fair, there is a disconnect between the unit sales increase and revenue increase, so Apple is having to cut prices itself, but this is still an impressive top line gain.

Further, Apple’s total revenues saw a 25% increase from last year.

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