Bee Shaffer birthday?

Do you know when is Bee Shaffer's birthday? When was she born?

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Bee Shaffer is the daughter of Vogue editrix Anna Wintour. She was born on Jul 31, 1987. As of august 2009 she's 22 years old.


Born in London, Shaffer moved to the U.S. as a baby when her mom landed the plum job of Vogue editor. (Her dad is David Shaffer, who is currently chair of the child psychology department at New York-Presbyterian.) Bee's parents divorced when she was 12 following the revelation that her mom was cheating on her dad; she spent her high school years dividing her time between her parents' respective townhouses while attending Spence. She hadn't even graduated when she landed her first media job: At 17, her mom named her a contributing editor at Teen Vogue. Now enrolled at Columbia, Bee has continued to follow in her famous mom's footsteps. In 2006, she wrote a semi-regular column for London's Daily Telegraph called "New York Notebook," and interned at New York magazine during the summer of 2007. She's scheduled to graduate in 2009.

Of note

Thanks to her mother's place in the media/fashion/social universe, Bee has become a fixture on the social scene in recent years, much like fellow fashion scion Julia Restoin Roitfeld. So what's it like to be the daughter of the fashion world's most powerful figure? Not half bad. When she attended the Costume Institute Ball at the Met in 2006, Karl Lagerfeld personally designed her lovely little Chanel number. When she decided she wanted a pretty portrait of herself, she didn't have to bother with a cheapo digital camera. She called Mario Testino, who happily popped over from London to set up his tripod.

For the record

Her real name is Katherine. So why Bee? She says she couldn't pronounce her name as a kid, but she could say "Bee," which is what everyone soon started calling her.


Bee divides her time between her mom's townhouse on Sullivan Street and her dad's townhouse on Downing Street.

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