Incremental Capital Hedge Fund?

U.S. prosecutors charged 14 people, including Incremental Capital employees, as part of an investigation of an alleged $20 million insider trading scheme.
Charges against the men include conspiracy and fraud, according to documents filed in New York federal court.
What exactly did the guys from Incremental Capital Hedge Fund do? What are they being charged

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Zvi Goffer, the alleged ringleader of the scheme and founder of Incremental Capital LLC, paid his tipsters for inside information and provided them with pre-paid mobile phones to avoid detection.
Other charged individuals associated with Incremental Capital: Emanuel Goffer, Michael Kimelman, David Plate.

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A secretary at Incremental said she could not comment on the arrests but that Incremental planned to return calls.

When Zvi Goffer started operating Incremental Capital hedge fund, his trading account at Schottenfeld showed a profit of about $156,000 in the trading of 19,000 shares of Kronos stock in March 2007, according to the court filings. The account also showed a profit of about $20,000 in the trading of Avaya call options in June 2007; a profit of about $354,000 in the trading of Hilton shares and call options in July 2007; and a profit of about $379,000 in the trading of 3Com stock between August and September 2007.

answered by Thousand | 11-05-2009 at 06:21 PM

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